The Northern Frontier District (NFD) is a semi-arid landscape of bush and wide sandy riverbeds (known locally as ‘luggas’) lined with acacia and doum palms. The land is seasonally used by elephants but has a resident population of wildlife that included gerenuk, reticulated giraffe, lesser kudu, oryx, Grants gazelle, dik dik, leopard, lion, cheetah, hyena, baboon and vervet monkeys. The bird life is spectacular, with huge clouds of sand grouse arriving at the water holes. Depending on where you are coming from, you’ll be either driving or flying into the NFD. On arrival you will be met by your experienced guide and start your one or multiple night quad bike adventure. Your quad bike journey will take you along exquisite sand luggas and elephant trails, with the possibility of seeing all of the above wildlife.

The nomadic Rendile pastoralists also use the area seasonally for their livestock. Under the banner of the Northern Rangelands Trust the community now take care of and benefit from the wildlife that lives on their land. At the end of your day you will be welcomed at your camp. We offer two different styles of accommodation, depending on when you come and your preference. We have a basic yet extremely comfortable open camp, with flush loos and bucket showers. After dinner around the camp fire, your camp beds will be carried out into the sand lugga for a night out under the stars. Alternatively we accommodate guests in a tented desert camp situated in a beautiful spot along side the lugga.

If you have chosen to stay for two or more nights, you will be up early for breakfast and then continue your quad-journey exploring new areas. After a rest during the heat of the day, you will be taken for a walk or by quad bike to enjoy sundowners at a fabulous viewpoint. Our quad safaris are run by Lattitude Adventures Africa, owned by brothers Jay & Amory Macleod who are nephews of Sue & Willie Roberts.