A visit to the nearby Ngare Ndere Forest offers a complete contrast to the wide open plains of Lewa. The forest is reached by vehicle - a 40-minute game drive in itself. On arrival at the forest, you will be met by a ranger who will guide you along a track to a glorious pool filled by a waterfall. The waters are a startling glacial blue, being the melt waters of Mt Kenya. The adventurous can bathe and the intrepid can leap from the top of the waterfall!

After a bracing swim you will be driven through the forest to the elevated canopy walkway. 80 feet high, this wood and wire suspension bridge extends for about 400m through the tree canopy. The walkway ends at a wooden deck 30ft high, where you can relax and enjoy a view of the river from this elevated vantage point. Elephants and buffalo frequently come here to drink and wallow. While you relax after the exertions of the morning, you will be served a delicious bush breakfast or lunch from this lofty, leafy deck.