Riding on horseback through the bush, accompanied by an experienced guide, will give you an unparalleled opportunity to get close to wildlife, as many game species allow horses to approach very close.  Combined with the stunning scenery and varied terrain, this is a riding experience not to be missed.  We will match you to your horse, based on your level of confidence and can cater for both amateur and experienced riders. You can choose to ride on Lewa or on the neighbouring conservancy of Borana.

For both options, you will usually leave camp mid-afternoon (although early morning rides are also possible).  The journey takes about half an hour to either location and is a game drive in itself.  Then you will ride for about an hour.  The rides are lead by an experienced riding guide and they are usually taken exclusively rather than with other riders.  After the ride you will game drive back to lodge, stopping for sundowners on the way if you want to and if time allows.  Please note that the saddles used are British saddles not Western.  The operators provide hats but clients should bring suitable footwear.

Camel Riding on Lewa

A more unusual way of getting close to wildlife and experiencing the bush close at hand is exploring by camel.  This is also an afternoon activity and involves a game drive through Lewa followed by a camel trek of approximately one hour, for a maximum of 3 guests.  You will be accompanied by experienced guides and camel handlers.